Management Services
Our client base ranges from traditional family offices, non-domicile residents and wealthy individuals and their families through to entrepreneurs, smaller companies and listed multinational corporations.

We offer a full range of services, including wealth structuring and trusteeship, as well as sophisticated bespoke solutions. We can offer international services teams that focus on providing a wide range of products and services, from simple asset protection to complex structures.

  • Creation of special structures
  • Jurisdiction and management of foundations and trusts
  • Asset administration and allocation
  • Real Estate administration
  • Family office design and allocation plans
Trust Action
  • Trust foundation, management and representation
  • Proper supply of Trust and Trustee
  • Provision of trustees and protectors
As an Escrow Agent we intend to be a trusted third party, who ensures a safe, efficient and quick method of buying and selling products and services on an International basis.
Acting as an Escrow Agent, we provide escrow facilities to companies, enabling trade transactions to be undertaken by all parties with confidence and security.
Swisser AG also provides safe and reliable trade transactions for all the clients international business needs as well as escrow services for financial and investment contracts.
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