Corporate Services
Our corporate services activity aims to combine and consolidate companies, whether new or experienced. We identify the diverse needs of each client and using the best expertise and technology we provide solutions that best fit.
Corporate services
  • Incorporation
  • Formation of Companies, Foundations & Trusts
  • Corporate Structuring and Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Branch Registration of Foreign Corporations
  • Management and supervision of holding companies with operating subsidiaries (i.e. subsidiaries with active business, e.g. trading, manufacturing, performance of services)
  • Management and supervision of companies holding companies
  • Management of real estate business
  • Impo Expo and trade operations
Start up business
Our vast experience in the opening of operating and holding companies of various types and consulting on the full spectrum of related organizational, financial and legal issues makes Swisser AG the best place to start when you think of new ventures. Legal and financial advice before, during and after a merger and/or acquisition is the complete service we offer all along the way.
Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate change and merger
  • Valuation, acquisition and sale of enterprises, business and properties
  • Preparations of agreements and conduction of corporate negotiations
  • Search and selection of appropriate partners for your company
  • Strategic analysis of the acquisitions opportunity or joint venture plans
Trading Services
  • Customized trade finance solutions
  • Cross border trade and logistic
  • Import/Export finance activity
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