Our goal is to manage the success, our mission is help our customers to achieve it.

We are supported by professionals who have developed a specific know-how, so Swisser AG is in a position to offer entrepreneurs the assurance of a strengthened management within an ever changing and highly competitive global economy.

Our staff is strictly form by qualified professionals with several years experience. We also have excellent contact with many banks, lawyers and financial institutions located in a number of strategically placed countries.

Swisser AG´s core business is being a private investor in different sectors and countries, considering the strategies settled by its Board, with an active management approach, based on top-down, in-depth research of the economy and sectors, combined with bottom-up fundamentals.

We intend to offer trustworthy advice for the management of business and the election of an administrative strategy as a whole. Swisser AG ensures that investors receive appropriate financial and tax planning advice. This is available either through ourselves or through associates located in almost all major countries throughout the world.

Our clients range from individuals requiring specific advice, to large multi-nationals that require planning advice on matters such as relocation, investment diversification and specialist taxation advice.  We also manage client assets including investments and property, and assist with specialist types of business activity.

Our firm is fully committed to professional integrity and practices that promote business ethics.

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